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White Mosque


Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina


957 m²


Majlis of the Islamic Community of Zenica


Preliminary and Main Design

The dominant elements in terms of design in the mosque are traditional elements of two interwoven cubes and a dome.

There are also a cylinder with a spherical dome at the entrance area (with a circular floor plan), an arch at the entrance porch, cylindrical stairwell columns with dome-shaped spheres, and a slender minaret structure with two balconies emerging from a spherical shape.

Cylindrical pillars, spanning pointed arches shaped like a “flower,” support the “crescent” of the entrance porch. This geometric design is replicated in the interior, where the dome is supported by eight interwoven arches, and the gallery has a circular shape inscribed within an octagon (similar to the “inscribed” dome).

This “cubist” composition aims to create an environment that maintains the continuity of traditional spatial relationships with a modern touch, avoiding simple repetition.

The mosque building has a length of 29.43 meters, a width of 22.51 meters, and the height of the main dome’s peak is 21.67 meters above the surrounding landscaped area. The minaret reaches a height of 45 meters at its peak.