Construction Works Supervision

The supervision includes control of fulfillment of contrators’ contractual obligations, compliance of performed works with approved technical documentation, monitoring of deadlines, monitoring of expenditures, quality control of installed materials and executed works together with solving technical problems that appear during construction.
  • Expert supervision of the construction works according to domestic, FIDIC and PRAG procedures
  • Design supervision
  • Interior design supervision
Construction Works Supervision, AKSA d.o.o.

Related projects

Construction Works Supervision, AKSA d.o.o.

Training Center of the Football Association of BiH

Training center facility encompasses two full size football fields(one with natural and one with artificial grass), covered artificial grass field for indoor football and covered stand for 1500 spectators(alongside natural grass field).

Construction Works Supervision, AKSA d.o.o.

Council of Ministers (Government Building)

Building 3 of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina was built in 1976. The author of the design is the architect Juraj Neidhart. The building housed the Executive Council (Government) of SR Bosnia and Herzegovina. The building has two underground floors and 22 above-ground floors. During the war from 1992 to 1995 the building was shelled and set on fire which was the reason for reconstruction.

Construction Works Supervision, AKSA d.o.o.

House of Football

House of Football – The existing facility was built in the early eighties of the XX century for the needs of the Geodetic Institute of BiH. With the new design facility retains the administrative function it had before but it has been modernized and adapted to new users.