Every construction project regardless of level of complexity should have a conceptualization or design.

In design practice, there are significant differences between the preliminary design and the main design. The preliminary design defines the size of the future object, the position of the object and the orientation on the building plot.

In the main design the preliminary design is further developed and the construction works are executed in accordance with the main design. Main design includes all engineering professions and it meets all necessary standards and requirements for construction.

Complex buildings sometimes require a detailed design in which all necessary construction details are precisely solved and it prevents contractors’ improvisations and possible “creative” interventions.

Designing, AKSA d.o.o.



  • Conceptual solutions
  • Preliminary designs
  • Main designs
  • Detailed designs
  • As built designs
  • Rehabilitation, reconstruction and restoration designs
  • Interior designs



  • Preliminary structural designs
  • Main and detailed designs of reinforced concrete, steel and wooden structures
  • Drafting of construction details of steel, reinforced concrete and wooden structures
  • Sanation and reconstruction designs
  • Expert reviews, assessments and opinions

Related projects

Designing, AKSA d.o.o.

City Arena

The City Arena is designed as a multifunctional hall equipped with the most modern equipment and is capable of holding sports, musical and other social events. The capacity of the hall is 6,300 seats.

Designing, AKSA d.o.o.

Zenica City Museum

Zenica City Museum building is situated in heart of Zenica between Old town and river Bosna. It was built on the site of a building from the Ottoman period and during the design phase it was payed special attention that the new building’s shape keep the memory of the old building.

Designing, AKSA d.o.o.

Training Center of the Football Association of BiH

Training center facility encompasses two full size football fields(one with natural and one with artificial grass), covered artificial grass field for indoor football and covered stand for 1500 spectators(alongside natural grass field).