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Orčevići Mosque


Orčevići, Željezno Polje, Bosnia and Herzegovina


343 m²


Majlis of the Islamic Community of Žepče, Džemat Orčevići


Preliminary and Main Design

Mosque is situated on a very sharp sloped terrain in landslide-prone area.

Parcel is bounded by an existing road on the north side and by imam’s house on the northeast side.

On the southwest and southeast side there is a steep slope. Access path to low ground floor of the mosque is formed as a cantilever above the slope and retaining walls were constructed to form flattened parts of the courtyard.

The building has an irregular shape with maximum dimensions of 21.05mx12.40m. It contains a low ground floor, ground floor, mahfil(upper floor) and minaret that is not physically connected to the building (outside of the mentioned dimensions).