Business Center ''AKSA''


Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina


1.078 m2


"Intrade consulting" d.o.o. Sarajevo


Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Construction Works Supervision, Project Management

The building is located on the corner of Safvet Beg Bašagić's Street and Mehmedalija Tarabar's Street. With one of its sides, the building approaches the existing building of "Prostor" and has such a floor plan that with the building of "Prostor" it closes a kind of inner courtyard in which the fountain is located. This courtyard is accessed by an access staircase from Mehmedalija Tarabar's Street and from Safet Beg Bašagić's Street on the other side.

The zone in which the building was built was combined according to its purpose: residential - business - pedestrian, and the building is business only.