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Music Academy and Academy of Performing Arts

Music Academy and Academy of Performing Arts

The complex of buildings consists of two main parts connected by a covered pedestrian street that goes in a north-south direction. Building of the Academy of Performing Arts is on west side and Music Academy with a large Concert Hall is on east side.

Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo

Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo

Preliminary design which was the basis for the Detailed design was made according to the first-prize winning preliminary design of architectural competition. Author of winning work was architect Jonus Ademović from New York. Building has 2 underground floors, ground floor, 4 floors and 2-level attic.

Educational / Cultural

Zenica City Museum


Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina


1.432 m²


The City of Zenica


Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Interior Design

Museum building is situated in heart of Zenica between Old town and river Bosna. It was built on the site of a building from the Ottoman period and during the design phase it was payed special attention that the new building’s shape keep the memory of the old building. The Museum complex consists of a reinforced conrete building – a museum building and a transparent glass garden set towards river Bosna. During the design phase special attention was paid to the entry of the daylight to interior of the building . All exhibition floors(ground floor, first floor and attic) are connected with a skylights which enable daylight to enter all three floors in the same “vertical”. Attic roof and floor are partially made of transpartent glass while the first floor has opening in the middle.