About us

Aksa d.o.o. Zenica was founded in 1989 and the main office is in Zenica, BiH.

The founder and the owner is a distinguished Bosnian architect, Zvjezdan Turkic.

Zvjezdan Turkic was awarded for his works many times-amongst others he has received the prize of the Union of Architects of BiH on two occasions for the most successful architectural realization. Also he has been awarded the prize of city of Zenica for his contribution in the area of architecture.  He was the first president of the Assembly of Architectural assembly of BiH, he is the president and member of the Examination Committee for expert exams within the Ministry of urbanization as well as a member of the expert committee for issuance of architectural design licenses within the same ministry.

During the 27 years of existence,  Aksa has managed to achieve a great number of projects of significant importance for the State, Federation, city as well as for private investors thus becoming one of the leading architectural design  companies in the State.

Within our team we have an architectural and structural engineering bureaus who, together with external partners make possible the successful realization of even the most complex project aims.

We have the knowledge, capacity and technical ability to expertly and responsibly overcome complex problematic of engineering designing of all kind of constructions. We are also able to provide the complete services of Supervision of works.

Our aim is to comply in a most efficient and best mode to the demands of the investors though the  combining of the experience of senior engineers and the ideas of younger ones.

Licenses and authorizations

  • Authorization for performing activity of designing , No:UPI/03-23-2-295/09 issued by Federal goverment for planning
  • The license to perform validation of foreign investment and technical documentation, No:UPI/03-23-2-67/10 issued by Federal Goverment for Planning
  • License for production of technical documentation for buildings, No:3362/07 issued by Ministry of Planning,Construction and Ecology of RS
  • Certifikat ISO 9001: 2015 for designing, supervision and engineering in construction

Membership in professional organizations

Aksa d.o.o Zenica is a founding member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aksa d.o.o Zenica is a member of IAKS, International association for sports and leisure facilities.

Organizational chart of Aksa