Fasade Engeenering


  • Production of working drawings (2D and 3D) according to the architectural project in accordance with the technical specifications of the cladding, solving the method of attaching the cladding as well as the production of anchoring details. The drawings are the main drawings' basis for the installation of cladding and substructures used on the construction site.


  • Creating a 3D model of facade cladding on the building using the pointcloud of the building (point clouds) with the exact dimensions of the facade cladding that is used to create 2D working substrates of the building, ultimately getting all the necessary information about the elements of facade cladding needed for their precise construction.


  • Determining the exact amount of facade cladding such as alucobond panels, trespa and prodema panels, profiled and insulated panels, with supporting substructures, thermal insulation and all necessary elements for mounting the panels on the load-bearing structure. Determining the exact quantity is done for the most accurate offer of works, all in order to increase the chance the work will be assigned to the company for which the assessment is made. Estimates also include roofing materials for flat and sloping roofs with all associated elements.


  • Making a 2D drawing of every element of the facade cladding that contains the necessary information about each element individually, dimensions, production and processing method required for its production on a CNC machine.
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