Zenica City Museum


Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina


1.432 m2


The City of Zenica


Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Interior Design

On one side, the Museum faces the old town, and on the other River Bosna. It was built on the site of a building from the Ottoman period. The new building is designed in such a way that its size and shape keep the memory of the old building. The Museum building consists of a "solid, masonry" building - a museum building and a transparent glass garden set towards River Bosna. During the preparation of the project documentation, special attention was paid to the light entry. The designer connected all the exhibition floors with a skylight (ground floor, first floor and attic), thus enabled daylight to enter all three floors in the same "vertical". A glass roof is projected on the attic roof, the floor is designed as a transparent glass floor, and on the first floor there is an open "mirror".