Sports Center "Babin do"


Bjelašnica Mountain near Sarajevo (Trnovo Municipality), Bosnia and Herzegovina

Buildings Area

15.590 m2

Ground Area

2.588 m2

Plot Area

112.151 m2


Trnovo Municipality


Architectural - Urban Design, Conceptual and Main Design of the Sports Hall, Stand, Administrative Building and Relax Building

Sports and Recreation Center "Babin do" is located on Bjelašnica Mountain at an altitude of about 1300 meters. The length of the center complex is approximately 451 meters and the width is approximately 280 meters. When planning the center, there was taken care of keeping the existing coniferous trees as much as possible. Sports hall, relax facility, stand with a capacity of 1000 spectators, administrative building, 4-star hotel, lookout, fourteen apartment buildings were planned inside the complex.